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Efficent ride = greener ride

Go GreenerEfficient ride = greener ride

Taking the bus or train or sharing the ride
produces just a fraction of emissions

An average commuter produces several tons of emissions each year, affecting air quality and climate change. Driving alone burns fuel and produces exhaust to move only one person. Taking a Metro Transit bus or train or sharing the ride in a carpool or vanpool produces just a fraction of emissions per person to cover those miles.

Emissions are worst when the number of vehicles on roads is the highest — during rush hours. Buses and trains break up congestion on our roadways, moving people more efficiently. For instance, one standard bus can carry about 20 times the number of passengers as two regular-sized cars headed to work that require about the same amount of space on the road1. Buses and trains also free up space for other vehicles doing things like shipping goods or providing emergency services.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency issues Air Quality Alerts when higher concentrations of ozone and smog in the air create breathing difficulties, especially for the elderly and children. Reducing how often you drive by yourself helps to combat those conditions. Read more at

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