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Drive Change

Respect. Kindness. Inclusivity.
This is what drives us.

Drive Change’s Mission is to provide a respectful and inclusive environment that is harassment-free, so everyone feels comfortable and safe utilizing our service.

Harassment is any unwanted interaction, including comments, gestures and touching that is forced upon a person. And it’s not okay on Metro Transit property.

Drive Change’s Purpose is to encourage an environment of respect, kindness and inclusivity, so that each ride is a positive experience.


  1. Lessen harassment through respect, kindness and inclusivity
  2. Educate everyone on how championing these behaviors can stop harassment
  3. Educate observers on what to do when harassment happens
  4. Create a model that other transit agencies can follow
  5. Use measurables to show how we can sustain a respectful, inclusive and harassment-free transportation system

What is respect?

Respect is the foundation for a positive environment. Show respect by following the Code of Conduct, by honoring others’ boundaries and by recognizing that respect looks and feels different to every individual.

What is kindness?

Kindness is authentic, genuine action taken to make someone’s day better. Show kindness by: greeting your driver or fellow riders, giving up your seat, helping someone in need, offering kind words to others.

What is inclusivity?

Inclusivity is embracing diversity and making others feel valued, welcomed and respected. You can be inclusive by being curious about others, by learning about someone who is different than you, and by being open to diverse perspectives other than your own.

Things you can do to help drive change on Metro Transit and make our environment inclusive and harassment-free:

  • Show respect for others. Be kind and inclusive and it will encourage others.

If you experience or witness unwanted interactions, you can report them discreetly to Text for Safety at 612-900-0411 or use the Metro Transit mobile app so we can send help.

When submitting a Text for Safety, include helpful information so we can respond faster:

  1. Your current location
  2. Bus or train number
  3. What is occurring
  4. Description of the person: What is their race, age, height, clothing
  5. Are there any weapons
  6. Do you know their name or phone number
  7. If you’d like to talk with an MTPD officer

If it's an emergency and it's safe to do so, call 9-1-1.

*messaging and data rates apply; refer to your wireless plan for details.

Resources / Learn more

Tips for Prevention from our partner, The Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault

What to do if you’ve experienced sexual harassment or sexual violence, from our partner The Sexual Violence Center
Learn more about how to spread kindness, from our partner Kind Lips

Learn about the international Stop Street Harassment movement:

Watch these videos:





These videos are examples of situations that might occur. They are not intended to cover the full scope of potential occurrences or every type of person that could be involved.

Get more information about the campaign

Email us at [email protected].

What to do if you witness unwanted interactions

Use the 4 D’s


Step in and intervene if it feels safe to do so.

“That person deserves respect.” “Please be more kind.”


Indirectly intervene or change the subject

“What do you think of this weather?”


TEXT FOR SAFETY at 612-900-0411 or via our mobile app.


Let the situation pass then take action.

Ask “Are you okay?” “Is there anything I can do?”

Want to help Drive Change in your community?

Download materials you can use to promote the Drive Change initiative.

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