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Downtown St. Paul Transit Improvements

2019 Downtown St. Paul Bus Stop Concept Designs

Metro Transit is committed to providing customers a safe, secure and comfortable experience at the bus stop. These bus stops are identified as priorities because of high ridership, need for improved conditions at the bus stop, and coordination with other related project schedules.

Shelter + enhancements: improve site design, new shelter, heat, light, transit information, seating

Replace shelter: remove aged shelter and replace with a new, similar shelter

Design options for the northbound and southbound Robert Street & 6th Street bus stops, and for the stop at 6th Street & Sibley Street have been explored in 2019 through a collaborative process with Metro Transit, the City of St. Paul, MnDOT and the community.

Project contact information:

Liz Jones, Community Outreach & Engagement 651-602-1977

Berry Farrington, Engineering & Facilities 612-349-7378

2015 Downtown St. Paul Bus Stop Facility Improvements

In early 2015, new customer waiting shelters were put into use at some of downtown St. Paul's busiest boarding locations. New shelters were placed at:

  • The corner of 5th and Minnesota streets, just east of the METRO Green Line's Central Station (Stop 11837); 
  • On Cedar Street between 5th and 6th streets, outside the Pioneer Press building and just west of Central Station (Stop 50211);
  • In the northeast corner of 6th and Cedar streets (Stop 11861). 

The shelters were custom designed and incorporate public art, lighting and landscaping, security features and real-time arrival signs.

Funding for the improvements came from a $3.2 million federal Bus Livability grant, which was also used to help build a stairway-elevator tower between the street level and the St. Paul skyway.