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Safety and Security Action Plan

Community partners tapped to address challenges that show up on transit

Posted by Drew Kerr | Thursday, November 9, 2023 8:34:00 AM

TSIP Outreach

As part of the communities we serve, transit is a window into some of the challenges facing our region.

To help address issues like unsheltered homelessness and substance use disorders that can show up on transit, 10 community-based organizations are poised to begin regularly working on Metro Transit light rail vehicles and stations.

Their increased presence is part of the Transit Service Intervention Project, a $2 million state-funded effort that kicked off in June. This week, the Metropolitan Council authorized a second round of contracts with organizations that will participate in the project.

Officers from several partner law enforcement agencies are also spending more time on transit as part of the Transit Service Intervention Project, supplementing the work of Metro Transit police and security officers.

“We are eager to work with partners who have deep knowledge of the challenges facing our region,” General Manager Lesley Kandaras said. “Collectively, these efforts will help address some of the underlying issues that become visible on transit, which in turn will create a better experience for our riders and our employees.”

Of note:

  • Many of the organizations that will be working on transit are seeking to fill positions that will support their planned outreach efforts. For more information, visit their websites.
  • Individuals working on transit as part of Transit Service Intervention Project will wear blue, Metro Transit branded vests while on the system.
  • Representatives are expected to begin working on transit this month and will primarily focus their efforts on the Blue and Green lines.

The Metro Transit Police Department’s Homeless Action Team will continue to be involved in weekly outreach activities, working alongside service providers, connecting riders in need to emergency shelter, and providing referrals to the Met Council’s Housing Rental Assistance Program

Nearly 500 adults and more than 200 children have been placed in safe, stable housing since the inception of the HAT-Metro HRA partnership.

Organizations that will be working on transit through the Transit Service Intervention Project

  • The Link, which provides crisis intervention, emergency shelter, housing, and mental health support services to youth and families experiencing homelessness.
  • Minnesota Community Care, a health care provider that focuses on marginalized communities.
  • Roots Wellness Center, which provides culturally responsive mental health services through therapy, adult rehabilitative programs, children’s therapeutic programs, and substance use treatment.
  • Mental Health Minnesota, which works to increase access to mental health services, education and resources.
  • We Push for Peace, which focuses on trauma and violence, unemployment, and inconsistent housing.
  • Brothers EMpowered, which will focus on de-escalation and conflict resolution, youth mentorship and job referrals.
  • The Family Partnership, which provides harm reduction-based services for people repeatedly coming into contact with law enforcement.
  • T.O.U.C.H. Outreach, which focuses on gun violence prevention, employment, mentoring, crisis intervention, and youth services.
  • All our Boys, Inc., which will provide counseling and intake services, pop-up clinics and access to shelter and mental health services.
  • Truce Center, which focuses on youth mentorship and provides immediate crisis-response services.

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