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Chicago and 48th

Chicago & 48th Street Station

Chicago & 48th Street - Station Plan PDF

On July 25th, 2018, The Metropolitan Council approved the final D Line Station Plan and directed staff to continue planning and community engagement activities related to the planned station at 48th Street and Chicago Avenue. Following this work and through a future action, the Council will confirm or revise the planned station at this location.

Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Chicago & 48th Street
Platform location

Southbound: Farside of 48th Street on southwest corner

Northbound: Farside of 48th Street on northeast corner
Farside locations have adequate platform length available and directly serve the commercial intersection compared to other alternatives.

*Final conditions to be developed during the engineering/design process.

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Chicago and 48th Street Station. Northbound far side 48th Street on Chicago Avenue. Southbound far side 48th Street on Chicago Avenue.

Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Station spacing

Southbound: About 0.5 mi to Chicago & 52nd Street
Within guidelines of about half-mile station spacing.

Northbound: About 0.25 mi to Chicago & 46th Street
Shorter station spacing than guidelines to provide direct service to the 48th & Chicago commercial node.

Existing ridership within
a block, or about 1/8 mile
(Fall 2016)

About 100 boardings per weekday

Platform location compared
to existing bus stop

Southbound: South of existing bus stop, farside of 48th Street

Northbound: At existing bus stop

Connecting service No connecting transit service
Parking changes

Southbound: Reduction of about 1-2 parking spaces, due to the relocation and expansion of existing bus stop zone
Potential for existing midblock bus stop zone to be converted to curbside parking.

Northbound: Reduction of about 1-2 parking spaces, due to the expansion of existing bus stop zone

Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Curb configuration

Southbound and northbound: Bumpouts
Bumpouts will maximize operational efficiency and pedestrian space.

Platform length

Southbound and northbound: 60’ platform
Platforms will be designed to accommodate a 60’ BRT vehicle.

Revision to include a Chicago & 48th Street D Line station

The draft D Line Station Plan did not include a Chicago & 48th Street station. The primary reasons for this previous no-build recommendation include:

  • Proximity to a planned Chicago & 46th Street station about a quarter-mile to the north.
  • Consistency with other draft Station Plan no-build recommendations at transit-supportive intersections elsewhere on the corridor, like the 7th Street and Bryant area.

The revised D Line Station Plan included a Chicago & 48th Street station for the following reasons:

  • Support for a Chicago & 48th Street station received during the public comment period for the draft D Line Station Plan.
    • About 1/3 of all comments submitted across the entire project supported a Chicago & 48th Street station.
    • The City of Minneapolis formally supports a station as noted within a City Council action completed on March 17, 2018.
    • Consistent themes included:
      • The number and variety of businesses and services available at Chicago and 48th Street warrants an exception to rapid bus spacing guidelines.
      • Transit access benefits outweigh the potential impacts to street parking.
  • An additional station at this node is consistent with other Station Plan revisions, including the addition of a 7th Street & Bryant station in north Minneapolis. The 7th Street & Bryant station will also be about a quarter-mile from the nearest D Line station on a part of the corridor with substantially higher existing ridership.

During the draft Station Plan comment period, Metro Transit also received some opposition to a Chicago & 48th Street station. Several business owners have expressed concerns about parking impacts and quality of life considerations that may result from a station at the business node.

The mix of support and opposition to a Chicago & 48th Street station continued during the recommended Station Plan comment period. Of the 50 approximately 50 comments submitted during this period, about 40 addressed the intersection of Chicago Avenue and 48th Street. In addition, the City of Minneapolis submitted an additional comment of support for a station at this location on May 15, 2018. Stakeholders opposing a Chicago & 48th Street station cited loss of scarce parking, perceptions of security issues and nuisances from bus riders, diminished visibility of business signage, and noise/odor from buses as primary concerns. The level of input at this intersection is indicative of its importance to the community. 

The final D Line Station Plan includes a Chicago & 48th Street station and platform locations as communicated within the recommended Station Plan. Metro Transit, in partnership with the City of Minneapolis, will incorporate community concerns to the extent possible in an effort to implement a station design that "fits" the surrounding area. For example, parking management considerations will include the potential conversion of the existing southbound bus stop zone to curbside parking. The design process can also include consideration of shelter and pylon placement to minimize visibility impacts to the surrounding businesses.

Conversations and coordination with the Chicago & 48th Street community will continue on an ongoing basis throughout the project development process.

Other platform locations considered: Southbound platform midblock at existing transit stop

A southbound midblock location at the existing transit stop (between 47th and 48th Streets) was considered primarily due to its minimal impact to street parking in the area. However, the farside platform is preferred for the following reasons:

  • More directly serves the commercial node and establishes improved station spacing.
  • Improves potential for transit signal priority benefit.