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Chicago and 38th

Chicago & 38th Street Station

Chicago & 38th Street - Station Plan PDF
Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Chicago & 38th Street
Platform location

Southbound: Farside of 38th Street, southwest corner
Driveway access limits available length in both nearside and farside locations. Farside location recommended to maximize transit signal priority potential and will require further project review to account for existing driveway.

Northbound: Farside of 38th Street, northeast corner
Farside has adequate platform length available and preferred to maximize transit signal priority potential.

*Final conditions to be developed during the engineering/design process.

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Chicago and 38th Street Station. Northbound far side 38th Street on Chicago Avenue. Southbound far side 38th Street on Chicago Avenue.

Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Station spacing

Southbound: About 0.5 mi to Chicago & 42nd Street
Within guidelines of about half-mile station spacing.

Northbound: About 0.5 mi to Chicago & 34th Street
Within guidelines of about half-mile station spacing.

Existing ridership within
a block, or about 1/8 mile
(Fall 2016)

About 390 boardings per weekday

Platform location compared
to existing bus stop

Southbound: At opposite corner of existing bus stop

Northbound: At existing bus stop

Connecting service Routes 23 and 133
Parking changes

Southbound: Reduction of about 1-2 parking spaces, due to the relocation and expansion of existing bus stop zone
Potential for existing nearside bus stop zone to be converted to curbside parking.

Northbound: Reduction of about 2-3 parking spaces
Existing bus stop zone would be extended to accommodate curb taper.

Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Curb configuration

Southbound and northbound: Bumpouts
Bumpouts will maximize operational efficiency and pedestrian space.

Platform length

Southbound and northbound: 60’ platform
Platforms will be designed to accommodate a 60’ BRT vehicle.

Other platform locations considered: Southbound platform nearside of 38th Street


  • The existing gas station access driveway limits the constructible platform length to less than 50 feet. This precludes the capability to ensure all-door boarding and exiting at a high-activity location.

Stop activity

  • Existing Route 5 ridership at this southbound stop is about 90 boardings and over 215 alightings. Considering the high usage at this stop, the construction of a platform with the full standard length of 60 feet, 9-inch curbs, and a bumpout is warranted to ensure the best long-term transit operations possible, including all-door boarding.

Transit signal priority

  • A farside location will provide additional potential to maximize transit signal priority benefit.