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Carpool Permits

You must register your carpool to be eligible for free, preferential or reduced-rate parking.

Please review these guidelines for carpools before beginning the registration process.

Carpool Parking Permit

Log in to see your permit details or apply for a new permit.


Active: Your permit is approved and has been mailed.

Approved: Your permit is waiting to be printed and mailed.

Approved – Waitinglist: Your permit is approved but there are no open carpool spots at your facility.

Canceled: This permit has been canceled and is not active.

Draft: You have saved a partially completed application.

Expired: Your carpool has expired. You will need to apply for a new pass.

Hold: Your permit is being reviewed. Check your email for questions from Commuter Programs.

Pending: Your permit is awaiting review.

Waiting For Carpool Partner(s): Waiting for your carpool partners to confirm.