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Career Tracks: Assistant Transportation Manager Mike Moe

Posted by John Komarek | Friday, June 10, 2022 12:49:00 PM

Many people who work at Metro Transit take on new responsibilities and roles throughout their careers. Career Tracks highlights the paths employees have taken to their latest assignment and where they see themselves going next. To learn more about career opportunities at Metro Transit and the Metropolitan Council, visit 

How did you begin your career at Metro Transit?  

As a lifelong resident of Minneapolis, I grew up riding the bus back when Metro Transit was called the Metropolitan Transit Commission, or MTC. I started my career at Metro Transit, like many, as a part-time operator. I enjoyed being with the public and experiencing the Twin Cities behind the wheel of a bus. I’ve already put in 30 years behind the wheel.  

What were your career goals and what steps did you take to achieve them?  

While working part-time at Metro Transit, I was enrolled full-time at Minneapolis Community College. I studied hard but hadn’t quite decided on a career path. In 1992, Metro Transit helped me decide by offering me a full-time job. Back then, it could take years to go full-time, so I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by and I knew I couldn’t do both. Today, bus operators go full-time immediately.  

Over the years, I enjoyed my time, worked hard, and gained seniority. But eventually I started looking around to see where else I could use my abilities in the company. Twenty-five years after I began, I took my first step toward my next career path after an assistant transportation manager gave me the necessary push to apply for the Leadership Academy (a program that helps frontline staff gain experience by temporarily working in supervisory positions). After that, I immediately stepped into a relief instructor position. At this point, I realized my calling was to help others, which was the driving force behind my pursuit for the ATM position, which I hold today.  

What advice do you have for others who want to take on more or different responsibilities?  

Wherever you are now, be the best you can be. What you do now helps you move into different places and your reputation travels with you wherever you go.  


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