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C Line Phase II: Glenwood

The C Line will move from Olson Memorial Highway to Glenwood Avenue when the METRO Blue Line Extension opens

Upon its opening in 2019, the METRO C Line serves temporary stations on Olson Memorial Highway. However, light-rail transit as part of the Blue Line Extension is also planned for Olson Memorial Highway. In 2016, the Metropolitan Council approved a recommendation to move the C Line to Glenwood Avenue from Olson Highway when light rail opens.

Stakeholder input was a significant factor in the decision to serve Glenwood Avenue with the C Line. Moving the C Line from Olson Highway to Glenwood Avenue will provide high-frequency transit access to a broader part of North Minneapolis by balancing transitway service throughout multiple corridors, rather than concentrating transit investments on a single street. With the C Line on Glenwood Avenue, bus service on Olson Highway can be better tailored to adapt to customer demand shifting to rail.

A 2016 study of Glenwood Avenue identified five preliminary station locations for the long-term C Line realignment:

  • Penn Avenue at Olson Memorial Highway
  • Glenwood Avenue at Morgan Avenue
  • Glenwood Avenue at Lyndale Avenue
  • Glenwood Avenue at Royalston Avenue
  • Glenwood Avenue between Cedar Lake Road and Dupont Avenue

Stations at three of these locations (Penn Avenue at Olson Memorial Highway, Glenwood Avenue at Lyndale Avenue and Glenwood Avenue at Royalston Avenue) have been refined in coordination with other planned street construction projects.

Following approval of Blue Line Extension funding, Metro Transit will begin a station planning process for C Line Phase II to finalize station locations for Glenwood Avenue. Planning will include outreach to stakeholders in the area, including businesses and members of the public. Subscribe to C Line Update to get project news delivered to your inbox.

C Line Phase II Map: Glenwood Avenue Alignment

C Line Phase II Map showing final alignment along Glenwood Avenue