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Awarding Accomplishment

Bus Transportation employees, CSOs recognized with Awarding Accomplishment honors

Posted by Drew Kerr | Wednesday, November 30, 2022 5:34:00 AM

Three Community Service Officers and three employees from Bus Transportation were honored this week as part of the Awarding Accomplishment recognition program. The awards were presented at the Transportation Committee meeting on Monday. From left to right: 

 • Jovita Oghumah, Assistant Manager-Training, and Dan Stoffer, Manager-Instruction Center, were recognized for their participation in a statewide effort to meet new entry-level driver training requirements. The curriculum they helped create is now being used by Metro Transit instructors and the Rural Transit Assistance Program, benefiting transit agencies across the nation. In October, Jovita, Dan and others were recognized for this work with a Management Innovation Award from the Minnesota Public Transportation Association (MPTA).

 • Community Service Officers Nicholas Tracy, Collin Bensen and Charles Jacka were recognized for performing CPR and communicating critical information after finding an unconscious adult male at the 50th Street Station. The CSO’s immediate response likely saved the male’s life, a doctor who treated the individual later said. Like all CSOs, Nicholas, Collin and Charles are all students pursuing careers in law enforcement. CSOs regularly ride transit to offer assistance and perform other duties on behalf of the Metro Transit Police Department.

 • Assistant Transportation Manager Duane Moore was celebrated for his recent recognition as MPTA’s Operator of the Year. Duane started his career as a Metro Transit bus operator in 1990 and has more than 30 years of safe driving. He is currently serving as an Assistant Transportation Manager at South Garage through the Leadership Academy program. 

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