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Bus Roadeo

Professionalism at its finest

The Metro Transit Bus Roadeo is an annual safety and skills competition for bus operators who volunteer to participate. It involves a written and behind-the-wheel test in which drivers navigate an obstacle course and execute maneuvers such as the “Serpentine,” “Offset Street” and “Rear Dual Clearance.” Champions can advance to state, regional or even international contests.

Metro Transit (then “MTC”) held the first bus Roadeo in the U.S. in 1975. The next year, it was adapted by the American Public Transit Association and developed into an international competition. 

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Watch the 2022 winners receive their awards

Past winners

Year Champion Second Place Third Place Rookie of the Year
2023 Jean O. Kenneth Schmoll Jonathan Dumenya Samson Desu
2022 Kenneth Schmoll Anton Pierson Michael Goin Jesus Llamas
2019 David Palm Jack Berner David Nelson Javier Tapia
2018 Jack Berner Kenneth Schmoll David Palm Bradley Schnieder
2017 Jack Berner David Palm Douglas John Todd Pfeilsticker
2016 David Nelson Jack Berner Michael Stenberg Ger Yang
2015 Jack Berner Paul Hollen Michael Stenberg Ronald Kompelien
2014 Jack Berner Jason Berner Douglas John Douglas John
2013 Michael Stenberg Jack Berner Jean O'Neill David Wagner
2012 Duane Lundgren Jack Berner Chris Jubera Angela Stevens
2011 Jack Berner Randy Finch Idar Bilij David Decarlo
2010 Randy Finch David Palm Marshall Freeman Eduardo Espinoza
2009 Jack Berner Darrell Hanson Marshall Freeman Garry Fleck
2008 Duane Lundgren  Idar Bilij Jack Berner  Moussa Bejjani
2007 Jack Berner  Duane Lundgren Darrell Hanson  Jim Warner

Garage Champions

Year East Metro Garage Heywood Garage Nicollet Garage North Loop Garage
(formerly Ruter)
South Garage
2023 Jean O. Kenneth Schmoll Patrick Schulte Floyd Seres Bradley Schneider
2022 Kenneth Schmoll David Palm Jesus Llamas Jack Berner Michael Goin
2019 Jean O. Will Brooks Randy Webb Michael Schmidt David Nelco
2018 David Palm Kenneth Schmoll Mark Ogburn Timothy Hnida Douglas John
2017 David Palm Jack Berner Jean O'Neill Randy Webb Douglas John
2016 David Palm Jack Berner Douglas John Randy Webb David Nelson
2015 David Palm Jack Berner Paul Hollen Bonnie Ripple Dale Patrin
2014 David Palm Jack Berner Douglas John Denny Bell David DeCarlo
2013 Mark Probasco Michael Stenberg Jean O'Neill Annette Deschenes Randy Finch
2012 David Palm Duane Lundgren Ryan Pitman Annette Deschenes Chris Jubera
2011 David Palm Jack Berner Darrell Hanson Lance Wallace Randy Finch
2010 David Palm Jack Berner Darrell Hanson William Morris Randy Finch
2009 Marshall Freeman  Jack Berner Darrell Hanson Wayne Riddle Toby Schivley
2008 Michael Terry  Duane Lundgren Deborah Sievers Wayne Riddle Randy Finch
2007  Marshall Freeman  Jack Berner  Darrell Hanson Harold Riddle Randy Finch