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Rental amount

The rental period is one year (Feb. 1 - Jan. 31) at a rate of $48/year. The fee will be reduced by $4 for each month into the term, but month-to-month rental is not available. For example, if you rent from June through January, your rental charge will be $32.

Damage deposit

A damage deposit of $40 is required. If the locker key is not returned to Metro Transit upon expiration or termination of the Agreement; if Metro Transit determines the locker is not clean; or if the locker is damaged, Metro Transit may recover possession of the locker, retain the key deposit and dispose of any property remaining in the locker in accordance with the disposal of property conditions stated in the Inspection of Lockers and Liability Limits section of this agreement.

Termination or cancellation

In the event you wish to terminate this Agreement, please notify Metro Transit and return the locker key. We will return your $40 damage deposit, provided the locker is clean and undamaged.

Inspection of lockers and liability limits

This agreement provides for inspection of lockers by Metro Transit and limits liability.

This agreement entitles the renter to store one licensed bicycle and related bicycle equipment, such as helmet, pump or lock in the designated locker for the designated time period. This agreement expressly prohibits use of the designated locker to store items such as personal items, tables, chairs, cartons, vending carts, inventory, or merchandise. If items other than a bicycle or bicycle related equipment are stored in the locker, Metro Transit reserves the right to terminate this agreement forthwith. Metro Transit will promptly notify renter of the termination in writing. Upon such termination Metro Transit has the right to empty the locker of any property stored therein. Such contents will be held by Metro Transit Lost & Found for 30 days and then disposed of by Metro Transit as unclaimed property. Any renter whose agreement has been terminated by Metro Transit is prohibited from renting a bicycle locker for a period of one year.

Metro Transit expressly reserves the right to inspect lockers with or without notice to the renter. Renter agrees that Metro Transit has the right to ensure that only a bicycle and related equipment is kept in the locker.

Metro Transit, the City and the property owner are not responsible for fire, theft, loss, or damage to the bicycle or any other items left in the locker, and are not liable for any injury, loss, or damage arising from the use of any assigned lockers. It is the renter's responsibility to ensure the locker is secure at all times and to report any damage or malfunctioning of the assigned locker to Metro Transit. If the locker becomes unusable due to circumstances not involving the renter, the renter will be allowed to use another locker if one is available or the renter will be reimbursed on a pro-rated basis for unused pre-paid rental fees. In the event of key loss during the rental period, the renter will be charged for a lock change and new keys. This agreement may not be amended unless such agreement is in writing and signed by the renter and Metro Transit's authorized agent. No employee or agent may alter the terms of liability under this agreement.