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Hopkins man finds big interest in small buses

Posted by Lindsey Geyer | Thursday, December 9, 2021 8:18:00 PM

A man with two model buses.

Transportation has always been a part of Wayne Wilson’s life.  

Growing up in Hopkins, he took the bus to clarinet lessons in Minneapolis. Later, he served as a school bus driver and created a computerized bus operations system. Neighbors have worked for Metro Transit, and many friends are regular riders. 

And now, he’s made a small but growing business out of making model buses.  

The idea to create miniature Metro Transit buses came after Wayne saw a model bus made by Rapido. He thought there would be local interest in a Metro Transit version, so he called the company and, together, they embarked on a collaboration.   

Using images and personal observation, Wayne spent about six months creating a scale replica. Once set, the manufacturer produced 300 buses.  

Today, Wayne sells models, each about six to seven inches long, that emulate the Xcelsior buses used on the METRO A Line and the older red buses used when Metro Transit was still known as the Metropolitan Transit Commission.  

Feedback on the buses, including comments from bus operators, has been positive. And local interest has turned into international interest, with buses selling to collectors all over the world. So, what’s next? According to Wayne, articulated buses are at the top of the list! 

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