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Better Bus Stop Signs

Better bus stop signs

Man installing a bus stop sign

As part of its commitment to service excellence and innovation, Metro Transit has been exploring ways to improve the information that is available at more than 12,000 bus stops in its service area. A major part of this effort is a redesign of bus stop signs to provide stop-specific transit information.

Metro Transit began rolling out new bus stop signs with the stop-specific information in the fall of 2015. All stops will be updated by the end of 2017.

The new standard bus stop sign includes route numbers, a unique stop number, and instructions on how to access NexTrip real-time information for that stop. All bus stops will have this information.

At higher ridership bus stops, Metro Transit provides additional transit information:

  • Higher ridership bus stops with customer waiting shelters have detailed schedule information posted inside of the shelters.
  • High ridership bus stops that do not have a customer waiting shelter get additional signs with more detailed information about the routes serving that bus stop, including maps, route destinations and service frequency, are installed below the bus stop sign.

Beyond this, Metro Transit has introduced new customer information tools (Find My Bus, NexTrip via Text/SMS) to help reduce the uncertainty of travel. There is a similar effort underway to improve the communication of detours and disruptions for customers. Additionally, Metro Transit is redesigning shelter signage to include stop-specific times and maps and is working to provide accessibility wayfinding, customer information, and amenities at bus stops.


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Current Metro Transit bus stop sign

Previous Bus Stop Sign

New Metro Transit bus stop sign

New Bus Stop Sign with Enhanced Information