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American and Bloomington

American & Bloomington Station

American & Bloomington - Station Plan PDF
Station Consideration Planned Condition*
American & Bloomington
Platform location

Southbound: Farside of Bloomington on southeast corner

Northbound: Farside of Bloomington on northwest corner
In both directions, farside has adequate platform length available and is preferred to minimize sightline conflicts at unsignalized intersection.

*Final conditions to be developed during the engineering/design process.

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American and Bloomington Station. Northbound far side Bloomington Avenue on American Boulevard. Southbound far side Bloomington Avenue on American Boulevard.

Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Station spacing

Southbound: About 0.5 mi to American & Thunderbird
Within guidelines of about half-mile station spacing.

Northbound: About 0.5 mi to American & Portland-Chicago
Within guidelines of about half-mile station spacing.
Existing ridership within
a block, or about 1/8 mile
(Fall 2016)

About 70 boardings per weekday

Platform location compared
to existing bus stop

Southbound: At existing bus stop

Northbound: At opposite corner of existing bus stop
Connecting service Routes 515, 540, 542, and 552
Parking changes
Southbound and northbound: No changes
Station Consideration Planned Condition*
Curb configuration

Southbound and northbound: No bumpouts; maintain existing curblines

Platform length

Southbound and northbound: 60’ platform
Platforms will be designed to accommodate a 60’ BRT vehicle.


Planning consideration: Shared station with future American Boulevard rapid bus service

  • The proposed station location is anticipated to also be utilized by a planned American Boulevard rapid bus service. There is no project schedule or projected opening date for an American Boulevard rapid bus service.


Other station locations considered: American & 12th Avenue

The 2012 Arterial Transitway Corridor Study (ATCS) included a conceptual American & 12th Avenue station. This station plan does not include a D Line station at American and 12th Avenue.

Station spacing, ridership, and land use

  • A D Line station at American and 12th Avenue would result in station spacing of about 0.25 and 0.33 mi to neighboring stations. However, the surrounding land uses, longer block lengths, ridership considerations, and station location precedents set elsewhere on the corridor do not support station spacing closer than half-mile guidelines.


  • Limited right-of-way is available at 12th/13th Avenues compared to Bloomington Avenue, likely requiring design mitigations to ensure transit operations needs are met.

  • An existing midblock crossing at American and Bloomington can be utilized to assist pedestrians and customers with safe crossings of American.