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Amenities & Riding Tips

Train Amenities & Riding Tips

Passenger cars on the Northstar Line have three levels. For your convenience, Northstar trains have:

• Comfortable seating
• Approximately 145 seats per train car
• Free Wi-Fi!
• Onboard restrooms
• Work tables
• Electrical outlets
• Onboard bicycle storage
• Transit schedule and connection information

Train set. Each train consists of a locomotive and typically four passenger cars. You can move between cars even while we are moving. Please be careful; doors are heavy and will spring closed behind you.

Northstar uses a “push-pull” operation – common in commuter rail service. On trips to downtown, the engineer is in the lead passenger car (where there is a full set of train controls) and the locomotive is at the rear. On trips to Big Lake, the engineer is in the locomotive at the head of the train.

Crew. Each train trip has an engineer and a conductor. They are in radio contact with one another and with train dispatch.

Communication. As duties permit, the conductor will move about the train to answer customer questions and check fares. In an emergency, summon the conductor by using the push-to-talk intercom on the entry level near the doors.

Emergencies. Remain calm. Listen for announcements from the crew. Note emergency exits at doors and windows. Cars have first aid kits and automated external defibrillators.

Riding Tips & Policies

If you're a first time rider, click here

• Eating, smoking and listening to music without headphones are prohibited onboard.
• Beverages in covered containers (coffee mug with a lid, bottled water, etc.) are permitted on trains.
• Please place newspapers or other garbage in bins located on platforms or on trains.
• Once aboard, secure your bags, bicycle or other items, and promptly find a seat.

Commuter rail trips are usually longer and involve fewer stops than light rail or bus transit. That means more time to get your work done or simply relax.

As a courtesy to fellow customers:

• Keep your personal items confined to your seat.
• Throw away your trash as you exit the train.
• Limit the duration of mobile phone calls and maintain a low volume.
• Keep the volume low on your headphones or other electronic devices.