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Take the train to the plane!

Metro Transit offers regular service between the airport, downtown Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul and Mall of America. From April 8 through Oct. 2020, taking the train will be a fast way past construction backups on Hwy. 5
City bus and light rail service is available at the transit station, located on the east side of the Blue and Red parking ramps. To reach the station, follow the Ground Transportation signs to the lower level, then take the tram.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, face coverings are required while riding and while waiting for buses and trains. Please practice social distancing and follow CDC guidelines. More at
To board light rail, take the escalator down one level from the tram and purchase a rail ticket from the machine. Continue down another escalator to the METRO Blue Line platform.

 photo of customers with luggage at rail station

Bypass the backup on Route 54

To board buses, from the Ground Transportation area, follow signs for the Gold Ramp. Go up two levels to the waiting area. Bus stop is located across the pedestrian crossing from the building (look for the bus shelter). Video: how to get to the temporary bus stop

NOTE: Bus Route 54, with service between the airport and St. Paul, will be detoured April-Oct. 2020 due to Hwy. 5 construction. Beginning Aug. 14, the eastbound lanes of Hwy. 5 will reopen. All eastbound Route 54 buses will serve the airport. All westbound buses will detour. Westbound customers can reach the airport by connecting to the METRO Blue Line at 28th Ave. Station. (The 24-hour airport shuttle will serve 28th Ave. Station to connect with Route 54 overnight.)

When traffic levels rise and we are no longer able to maintain service in the corridor, we will move to the full detour where Route 54 will only serve Terminal 1 for early a.m. and late p.m. trips.

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Map of 28th Avenue Station area and Route 54 bus stops

Routes with daily service

  To/from Mall of America

METRO Blue Line Trains leave every 15 minutes. Trains serve the Transit Station, located in the lower level on the mall’s east side. Travel time is 12 minutes. More about riding the train

   To/from downtown Minneapolis

METRO Blue Line Trains every 15 minutes. Travel time to downtown (Target Field) is less than 30 minutes.

To reach the airport from downtown Minneapolis, board any Blue Line train to “Mall of America.” More about riding the train

  To/from downtown St. Paul

Route 54 Bus service, leaving roughly every 15-30 minutes; travel time is about 20 minutes (prior to construction).

To reach the airport from downtown St. Paul, board Route 54 traveling west on 7th Street.

  Between airport terminals

METRO Blue Line Trains operate 24 hours a day between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 stations. No fare is required for trips between terminals. Board at the ground level.