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Aira Navigation

Aira navigation assistance now available

Metro Transit is proud to offer the free use of Aira, an app that connects blind and low vision customers to a live agent for navigation assistance. When you access the app at a Metro Transit stop or station, your entire trip is covered!  

Aira can help you: 

  • Determine your location
  • Read schedules to find your next transfer
  • Navigate platforms & stations
  • Plan your trip 

Learn more about Aira and download the app to get started

How to use Aira 

Downloading the app and making your first call

  1. From any mobile device, visit This will take you to the appropriate download link in either App store.

  2. Once installed, when you open Aira for the first time you will register with your mobile phone number.

  3. After submitting your mobile number to us in the app, Aira sends a text message with a four-digit code.

  4. Enter this code in the Aira app and you will be automatically logged in.

Using the Metro Transit Free Offer before making your Aira call

  1. On the Aira home screen, tap “Free Offer Applied,” then select “Browse Other Offers” at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Tap the second selection, “Products.”

  3. Scroll to “Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Transit” and tap to select.

  4. Tap “Apply Offer.”

  5. You are ready to call Aira using the Metro Transit Access Offer – simply tap on “Call Aira for Free.”

Using the Metro Transit Free Offer during your Aira call

If you make a call to Aira before selecting Metro Transit’s free offer in the app, let the Aira Agent know that you are using this call for your transit trip and want to apply the “Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Transit” free access offer.

Tips for getting familiar with using Aira

Anyone can use Aira for free for up to 5 minutes every 24 hours for any reason. This a feature that is always available from Aira and is not connected to Metro Transit. This is a helpful way to practice and become familiar with the app and the service in the comfort of your own home. To use Aira’s daily free 5 minutes, tap the “Call Aira for Free” button after you open the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often and how long can I use Metro Transit’s free offer?   
Anyone can use Metro Transit’s free offer as many times as they need. There are no limits to the number of times or the number of minutes that the free offer can be used.

What tasks can I do for free? What does the free offer cover?
An Aira agent will be happy to assist you with the following tasks:

  • Check to see what bus stop you are at

  • Read schedules to find your next transfer

  • Navigate platforms, stations, and bus stops

  • General trip planning

Does the Metro Transit free offer include getting from my house to the bus or train station?
Yes, the offer covers the end-to-end transit journey. When you use Metro Transit for a trip, you can use Aira for free starting from when you leave your front door to when you arrive at your final destination.

Contact information

Aira Customer Care (for questions about how to use the app or about Aira in general)

  • 1-800-835-1934

  • [email protected]

  • Customer Care is available daily from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time

Metro Transit (for trip planning assistance and all other transit-related questions)

  • To reach all primary Metro Transit services by phone (such as the Transit Information Center or Customer Relations), call 612-373-3333

  • To text for general transit questions or trip planning requests, text 612-444-1161

  • To email Metro Transit about general issues or comments, submit a comment form on Metro Transit’s website at

  • For questions about Metro Transit’s Aira project, email [email protected]