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About NexTrip

Stay in the know with NexTrip

No need to guess when your next bus or train will depart.* NexTrip gets you what you need, right now!

How to access NexTrip

web access At Choose your route, direction and location – or just use your Stop Number. 

mobile devicePhone/Tablet: Enter your route, Stop Number or tap the “Use current location” tool and see your nearest stops.

phoneCall 612-373-3333: Press 1, say “bus stop” then state or enter your Stop Number or choose by route, direction and stop location.

textText Message (SMS): Text ‘MT’ followed by your Stop Number to 27299. Example: MT50196 will give times for Stop Number 50196. Add a space between the Stop Number and a route to get times for that specific route. Example: text “MT50196 17” for Route 17 times at Stop 50196. Note: data rates may apply.

How to find your Stop Number

Find Stop Numbers using the Stops & Stations tool or the Interactive Map.

How it works

NexTrip provides real-time departures to help you better plan your commute. 

Every bus and train has an onboard computer that tracks its GPS location. As it travels along a route, NexTrip tracks its location in relation to specific timepoints. It updates automatically every few seconds.

If a bus is expected – based on its current travel speed – to leave a stop within the next 20 minutes, NexTrip displays this icon along with the number of minutes to departure (i.e., 6 Min). Outside the 20-minute window, NexTrip displays scheduled times (i.e., 2:17). Note: Always arrive at the stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time.

Because NexTrip tracks location based on stops along the route, if a bus has to make an unexpected detour off its regular route – for example, to avoid an obstruction or congestion – it will not be displayed in NexTrip. Until the bus returns to its regular route, NexTrip will display only scheduled times.

* Departure times are estimates. Buses and trains are subject to delays based on traffic and other conditions. Always arrive at your stop 5 minutes before the NexTrip or scheduled time.