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A Line FAQs

Diagram of A Line station features


  • What features do stations have?
  • This diagram at the right shows the amenities at most A Line stations. Station features vary by site. Click the diagram for a larger image.
  • Do other buses stop at A Line stations?
    Most A Line stations are served by A Line buses as well as other bus routes, including Route 84. Signs clearly indicate where to wait for your bus. At some A Line stations, due to space and traffic, local buses stop in a separate area marked by a bus stop sign.

  • What are the rules at A Line stations?
  • Metro Transit expects all customers to share the responsibility for safety and a great experience both at the station and onboard. Learn how to Respect the Ride.

Paying your fare on the A Line

  • How much does it cost to ride the A Line?
     for the A Line are the same as local bus fares ($2.50 during rush hours, $2.00 at all other times). No express charges apply. Seniors, youth, Medicare card holders and people with disabilities qualify for reduced fares during non-rush hours.
  • Can I use a credit card to pay my fare?
    Ticket machines at stations allow for both cash and credit card purchases. Credit cards are also accepted on the Metro Transit mobile app
  • Sign that will mark A Line stationsCan I use a Go-To Card to pay my fare?
    Yes. A Go-To Card reader is available on every station platform so that you can validate your Go-To Card before you board the A Line bus. 
  • How does the driver know I paid my fare?
    Just like on light rail, A Line drivers do not collect fares as you board the bus. Metro Transit Police officers randomly board buses to enforce fare payment on the A Line. Be prepared to show your A Line ticket, transfer or validated Go-To Card, pass or mobile app ticket as proof of payment. 
  • How do I connect from the A Line to another bus or a METRO train?
    If you are connecting from the A Line to a regular-route bus, simply show the driver your A Line ticket when boarding or touch your Go-To Card or pass to the reader as normal. To connect to a METRO train, touch your Go-To Card or pass to the reader on the platform before you board the train or be prepared to show any Metro Transit Police officer your validated Go-To Card or A Line ticket as proof of payment.

Unique buses

  • What is the difference between an A Line bus and a regular Metro Transit bus?
    A Line buses feature a unique color scheme and display a prominent, bright white "A Line" sign above the windshield, a more open seating layout and very wide back doors. When the bus arrives at the station, both doors will open. Customers should wait for others to exit the bus (through either door) then enter the bus, again using either door.
  • Does the A Line have step-free boarding?
    Almost. Most A Line station platforms are located on curbs that are higher than regular curbs (9 inches) for easier boarding; however the curb is not exactly level to the height of the bus floor.
  • Do A Line buses have ramps?
    Yes. All Metro Transit buses – including the A Line – are equipped with lifts or ramps to accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility devices. 

A Line service

  • Is A Line service available 24 hours a day?
    Almost. A Line service begins at roughly 4 a.m. and ends at approximately 1:30 a.m. daily.
  • How often can I catch an A Line bus?
    At most times of the day, it's every 10 minutes! The A Line is part of Metro Transit's High Frequency network of routes that operate so often you don't even need a schedule. A Line trips leave every 10 minutes during rush hours, midday, evenings and weekends. There is less frequent service in the early morning and late at night. 


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