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Know Your Operator

Know Your Operator: Wiley Trueblood, Ruter Garage 

Posted by John Komarek | Thursday, November 10, 2022 2:41:00 PM
As a heavy equipment operator stationed in Seoul, South Korea, Wiley Trueblood drove everything from earth movers and semi-trucks to tanks. During the Gulf War, the U.S. Army veteran served as a munitions driver and as the driver for the [...]

App helps legally blind customer use transit 

Posted by John Komarek | Friday, November 4, 2022 8:00:00 AM
Randee Boerboom left her small Minnesota hometown to attend a metro area college. Years later, she’s still here because of transit. “In my hometown, you’d need a car to get around,” Boerboom said. “I ride transit often – about every day.” As [...]
Know Your Operator

Know Your Operator: Newton Williams 

Posted by John Komarek | Friday, October 28, 2022 8:00:00 AM
Not only did Newton Williams find a career that helps people at Metro Transit, he also found love. “I was working at another transportation company at the time,” Williams said. “When some contracts ended, I applied here, and so did others I [...]
Safety and Security Action Plan

Onboard monitors provide a reminder that cameras are always on 

Posted by Drew Kerr | Thursday, October 27, 2022 10:01:00 AM
For security purposes, all buses and trains are equipped with multiple security cameras. And now, passengers on some buses can see what’s being captured as they ride. Small monitors that show what’s being recorded onboard are now being [...]

Keen eye, compassion showed by bus operator, police officer 

Posted by John Komarek | Thursday, October 20, 2022 3:44:00 PM
A glance from a bus operator and a conversation with a cop may have helped save a man’s life. While operating Route 7 last month, Heywood Operator David Williams noticed a man standing at the edge of the Cedar Avenue bridge and [...]
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