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10 Questions with Metro Transit - Emma

Posted by Drew Johnson | Thursday, July 7, 2022 6:16:00 AM

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How long have you been riding the bus or train?

I’ve been riding with Metro Transit for three years now - ever since my freshman year at the U.

How often do you ride?

I ride twice a day on weekdays during the UMN semester, and occasionally on weekends.

Favorite route(s)?

I love the A Line and the 3!

Why do you ride transit? (ok to have many reasons!)

It’s reliable, safe, and fast. Plus, the bus drivers almost always give me a reason to smile while I’m on the way to my 8 a.m. classes!

What you wish “first-timers” knew? (pro tips)

Don’t be intimidated by the Metro Transit system! Apple Maps, the Transit app, or Metro Transit’s Trip Planner are all great resources!

Favorite destination? (not necessarily work, school or shopping related)

Snelling Avenue! So many amazing small businesses and restaurants in such a great area.

What do we (Metro Transit) get right?

Metro Transit’s inclusivity, amazing drivers, and dedication to serving the Twin Cities and surrounding areas with phenomenal public transportation are just a few of the things that make Metro Transit great.

What can we improve?

It’s very nitpicky, but I’d like it if NexTrip were a part of the Metro Transit app rather than a separate website!

Favorite onboard memory?

My freshman year, I was about to travel to MSP by myself for the first time to visit family for Thanksgiving. I was so nervous about navigating the light rail and airport by myself, but I ended up making a new friend who was making the same trip! He helped me through the route transfer and getting to the airport.

Favorite movie about transit? ("Planes, Trains & Automobiles", "Speed", "Murder on the Orient Express", "Snakes on a Plane", "Airplane!", other?)

Does the Catbus from "Kiki’s Delivery Service" count? :D If not, "Night on the Galactic Railroad" is the best one that comes to mind!