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Whether it’s to class, work or fun, make a smart choice and get around town with a College Pass. When your school offers the College Pass, you're eligible for unlimited rides on buses and trains for an entire semester. Add stored value to your College Pass to pay fares above $3 (at some Northstar stations).

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College Passes are sold at each school and expire at the end of each semester.

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Why College Pass?

Consider the benefits of riding with a College Pass:

  • It’s easy on the budget.
  • You can use travel time to text, study or sleep.
  • You’ll reduce your carbon footprint by taking the bus or train.

A College Pass costs $140 or $175 per semester, depending on how much transit service is near your school. Some schools provide a subsidy to help lower the cost of a College Pass even more!

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Adding stored value:

Add stored value to your College Pass online, at 612-373-3333, at Metro Transit stores, at rail station ticket machines or at any Go-To Card retailer. Any stored value remaining at the end of a semester can be transferred to a new College Pass or to a Go-To Card.

Call 612-373-3333 for assistance. Do not add stored value to an expired card.

Registering your pass:

Protect your investment! If your pass is registered and it is lost or stolen, you'll receive a replacement pass for $20. If your pass isn't registered, you'll have to buy a new one. Register your pass today. 

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