Want effective mass media? 
Look to mass transit.

Advertise with Metro Transit

Put your advertising message where people will see it – on a Metro Transit bus or train. Transit ads are high-impact rolling billboards that put your product or service all over town.

Choose from bus-side posters, bus backs or get the biggest bang from a bus or light-rail train wrapped completely in your message.

Another effective option is advertising inside vehicles, which allows you to target a captive audience of thousands of commuters each day. Onboard ads are available on buses and METRO Blue Line trains. Check back for information about advertising on Northstar Line trains.

Marsh Walzer


Backlit 2-sheets Backlit diorama

Backlit 2-Sheet Ads

Backlit Dioramas

Bus wrap METRO train wrap

Full Bus Wrap 

METRO Train Wrap

Ultra King

Headlight Ad

UltraKing Ad

Interior Bus Ads

UltraKing Bus Ad

Standard 2-Sheet METRO Station Ads

Rail Station Domination

Full Bus Back Ad

Bus Tail Ad


Bus King Ad




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