Map of Central Transit Study area

Central Corridor Transit Service Study

The METRO Green Line (Central Corridor light-rail transit) will open on June 14, connecting downtown Minneapolis, downtown St. Paul, the University of Minnesota and many other destinations in the heart of the Twin Cities.

In anticipation of the Green Line's opening, Metro Transit developed a bus service plan to maximize connections with the new rail line. Beginning on opening day, Metro Transit bus service will undergo a historic realignment with additional trips on many routes -- including restored service on Lexington Parkway with new Route 83.

> Full Recommended Plan Report (large file)

> Executive Summary

> Detailed map of METRO Green Line route including stations

Summaries of changes and maps by route:

> Overview Route 53 > Route 84
> Route 2 > Route 62 > Route 87
> Route 3 > Route 63 > Route 94
> Route 6 > Route 65 > Route 134
Route 8 > Route 67 > Route 144
Route 16 > Route 68 > Route 262
Route 21 > Route 71 > Routes now serving Huron Station
Route 50 > Route 83 > METRO Green Line light rail

> Read more about the recommended and concept plans

Rider's Almanac features on Green Line routes

> Route 2: A catalyst for going car-free

    Connecting Green Line stations: East Bank, West Bank

> Route 3: From the Capitol to class on Como Avenue

    Connecting Green Line stations: West Bank, Capitol/Rice

> Route 6: A reliable ride from Edina to the Green Line

    Connecting Green Line stations: Stadium Village, Warehouse District/Hennepin

> Route 8: From the city border to the Blue Line

    Replaced by Route 67 extension

> Route 16: The original Minneapolis-St. Paul connection

    Connecting Green Line stations: All downtown Minneapolis, U of M and St. Paul stations

> Route 21: A crosstown with culture, community

    Connecting Green Line stations: Snelling Avenue, Hamline Avenue, Central, Union Depot

> Route 30: A new way to work

    Connecting Green Line station: Raymond Avenue

> Route 50: Limited stops for longer rides

    Replaced by rail service

> Route 53: Limited stops from Lake Street to Lowertown

    Connecting Green Line stations: Central, Union Depot

> Route 62: Finding friends, foregoing the freeway

    Connecting Green Line stations: Capitol/Rice, 10th Street, Union Depot

> Route 63: From Grand Avenue to the Green Line

    Connecting Green Line stations: Raymond Avenue, Central, Union Depot

> Route 65: Ditching the drive on Dale

    Connecting Green Line station: Dale Street

> Route 67: A route to relaxation

    Connecting Green Line stations: Raymond Avenue, Fairview Avenue, Capitol/Rice10th StreetUnion Depot

> Route 68: A radial ride down Robert Street

Connecting Green Line stations: Robert Street10th StreetUnion Depot

> Route 84: Schools and shopping on Snelling Avenue

    Connecting Green Line station: Snelling Avenue

> Route 87: Connecting the U of M to University Avenue

    Connecting Green Line station: Raymond Avenue 

> Route 94: Saving time and money between the Twin Cities

    Connecting Green Line stations: All shared stations in downtown Minneapolis, Central, Union Depot

> Route 262: Sharing laughs while sharing the ride

    Connecting Green Line stations: Capitol/Rice10th Street, Central 

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