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Make a difference as a Transit Police Officer in Minneapolis / St. Paul

How to Apply


  • United States citizenship
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Current licensed police officer with the Minnesota POST Board, or eligible for licensing upon date of hire
  • Bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply


Your career as a Metro Transit Police Officer begins with classroom learning about police work, as well as the Metro Transit system. After that, you'll be assigned to a Field Training Officer and spend four months being evaluated by different FTOs.

Upon successfully completing field training, you'll be assigned to a patrol area. After your 12-month probationary period ends, you'll be able to then bid patrol assignments based on seniority.

How to become a licensed officer in Minnesota

Those who have peace officer experience in another state or the military and have been working in law enforcement within the past six years may qualify to take the Minnesota Reciprocity Licensing Examination without having to complete additional education.

Qualifications for taking the reciprocity exam:

Complete basic police training in another state or federal law enforcement, and either:

  • A post-secondary degree and three years of experience working as an officer, or
  • Five years of peace officer experience

- OR -

Meet the requirements for military reciprocity which are:

  • Four years of cumulative experience in a law enforcement occupational specialty, or
  • Possess a post-secondary degree from a regionally accredited school and have at least two years cumulative experience in a law enforcement occupational specialty.

Additional information

Costs to become licensed in Minnesota:

  • Test Fee for peace officer: $105
  • License fee for peace officer: $90
    Metropolitan Council/Metro Transit does not pay these fees for applicants.
  • Rources and Forms

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Metro Transit Police Officers on foot patrol.