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Twins Schedule G

Take the Northstar Line to Target Field

To Target Field

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Be sure to arrive at the station well before your scheduled departure. Allow yourself plenty of time to park, buy your rail ticket (there may be a line) and board the train without rushing.

Save extra time. Buy a Northstar Roundtrip Family Pass or an individual roundtrip ticket online and skip the line! Select any Twins home game and print your ticket at home!

The regular Northstar schedule will operate for this game. This schedule applies to all Sunday games that start at 1:10 p.m.

Station Time Time
Big Lake 9:30 am 11:50 am
Elk River 9:40 am 12:00 pm
Ramsey 9:46 am 12:06 pm
Anoka 9:51 am 12:12 pm
Coon Rapids - Riverdale 9:55 am 12:16 pm
Fridley 10:03 am 12:23 pm
Target Field 10:22 am 12:42 pm
GAME TIME  1:10 pm  1:10 pm

Leaving Target Field
A regularly scheduled train leaves Target Field Station at 4:55 p.m. 
Note: Watch the time in later innings. The train must leave at the posted time even if the game is delayed or goes into extra innings.

Northstar Fares

  Weekday Fares  Weekend Fares
One-way fares to / from downtown Minneapolis All customers except persons with disabilities Adults Seniors (65+), Youth (6-12) and Medicare card holders.
Valid at all times
for persons with disabilities.
Big Lake $6.25 $5.50 $2.00
Elk River $4.75 $4.25 $1.50
Ramsey $3.75 $3.75 $1.25
Anoka $3.25 $3.25 $1.25
Coon Rapids-Riverdale $3.25 $3.25 $1.25
Fridley $3.25 $2.75 $1.00
Station-to-Station $3.25 $2.75 $1.00

Children ages 5 and under ride free (limit 3) and must ride with a fare-paying customer.

Families: Save even more with a Northstar Roundtrip Family Pass

Pay one low price and get roundtrip Northstar rides for two adults and up to three kids (age 6-17) or seniors (65+). Kids five and under ride free! Buy your pass at ticket machines at any suburban Northstar station during hours of train service. Learn more.

Northstar Roundtrip Family Pass Prices
Big Lake $25.00
Elk River $19.00
Ramsey $15.00
Anoka $13.00
Coon Rapids - Riverdale $13.00
Fridley $13.00