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Events and Marketing Partnerships Project Proposal Form

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Metro Transit Usage and Partnership Proposals:

Events/Marketing Partnerships

Please submit this application to Metro Transit for review. Allow at least one week for a response. Please provide a detailed event summary of the event. This should include background and purpose of the event, date/s, hours, location, anticipated attendance and any other pertinent details that you feel would enhance your partnership proposal.

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The estimated ridership from an event needs to be a minimum of 400-500 rides. The process for estimating rides is 10% of attendance, if there is not a prior partnership/event history.

Example: estimated attendance for an event is 5,000 x 10% = 500 people x 2 rides = 1,000 rides.


The media/promotional value from a partnership should be equal to the value of the estimated free rides. Value of 1 free rise = $2.00.

Example: estimated rides of 1,000 X $2.00 - $2,000 in promotional value from partner.

Transit Service

The location of the event must have adequate transit service that will allow for easy access for customers before and after the event.

New Riders

The primary purpose for this partnership with Metro Transit is to encourage trial ridership for new and potential riders. This could be an event survey or some other process for counting rides.